Hunting Blind by Paddy Richardson

I am a slow reader, it takes me about a month (or two) to read a book. Hunting Blind however I finished in a week. It probably helps that this thriller is set in my home town which makes the events that unfold and the eventual resolution even more chilling.

The novel starts out like most thrillers. A ‘normal’ town with ‘average’ people until something sinister occurs. I will not spoil the story but the plot unfolds in a unique manner with lots of twists (although some a little predictable) a little romance and an interesting ending which will make you wonder… ‘What would I do in that situation?’  Overall an enjoying read

Hunting Blind

Hunting Blind

About the Author:

Paddy Richardson has written two collections of short stories, Choices and If We Were Lebanese, many of which have been broadcast on Radio New Zealand. Richardson’s work has also been highly commended in the Katherine Mansfield and Sunday Star-Times awards. Her first novel, The Company of a Daughter, was written during her year as the Burns Fellow at Otago University, Dunedin, 1997, and Penguin published her second novel, A Year to Learn a Woman, in 2008. Paddy lives in Dunedin, where she writes and teaches part-time courses in creative writing.


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